Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey Kids! We have had some fun in class learning about perimeter and area. Did you know that calculating area is important for people who use parachutes? Yeah....The bigger the area of the parachute the more wind the parachute will catch and it will be able to slow you down quicker.

Here is a link to a great game that you can try to practice your finding the perimeter and area skills . And if you liked that one you can try this one:

By the way....I will be in Room 306 tomorrow :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Phys. Ed.

Great Dance Class Kids! Here is the link to Firework by Katy Perry that we are putting our dance steps to: Enjoy practicing at home and perfecting your steps! We will make a great presentation by the end of next month! I'm really excited that you all are so energetic and have put so much work into your own routines. I think it is coming along really well. Keep it up and we will have a Firecracker performance!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Arts Celebration Week

What a fantastic Arts Week! Congratulations to all of you who participated in the concert by singing in the choir  as well as the Asian dancers who put on a dynamic performance! All of the parents were thrilled to watch their sons and daughters on stage. I could tell because I heard so many enthusiastic comments as the gymnasium was packed to the rafters and overflowing with people out in the front lobby. I was happy to have met a couple of your parents and I enjoyed talking to them about what you have been working on in class especially the masks. The masks were on display in the front hall and I hope all of your parents saw them as they came in so that they could see the super results from what you created out of a box that they cut out for you. Here are the masks!  Credit goes to Piyush, Solar, Emily, Aaron, Kiera, Riley, Joshwa, Tommy, Kassie, Marjaan, Jabez, Shaelyn, Faizan, Adebisi, Hannah, Sapna, Harjaap, Jessica, Muskaan, Melody, Valerie, Tory, Ravneet, Dure, and Alex.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pictures from the Field Trip!

Here are a few photos from the Field Trip. Enjoy!

Medieval Times Field Trip - WOW!

What an exciting day that was at the ROM!

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing right up close and handling original artifacts from the Middle Ages. I know I did. This was a fantastic opportunity to really experience what things were like and how people actually used things in the Medieval Times - the daggers, parchment, chain mail, enormous metal key, caltrop, candle snuffer, salt cup, ink well, and even the amazing bone skates!

You all had some good feedback afterward which was great!
Thank you!