Friday, March 30, 2012

Daffodils Does It!

The Primary students at Sommerville created Daffodils to go along with the Spring Lillies on our display board. I taught the students to learn by experiential learning on how to insert the bottom of the daffodil stem into the end of a straw where the stem was too wide for the straw. It was interesting. Some students curled the stem of the daffodils while others bent the stem in various ways by folding the paper this way and that. After I demonstrated how to fold the stem exactly in half it would easily fit into the end of the straw they tried to fold the stem but they learned that when they folded it exactly in half down the length of the stem it would work. Then the element of surprise overcame them when something that seems so simple became an exercise in problem solving.

By Benjamin, Hayden, Bhavya, Benedict

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