Friday, March 30, 2012

Necklaces to Remember by!

The Primary students are following the Junior/Intermediate students by doing some bead work. For example the Junior Intermediate Students learned to create pumpkin zipper pulls. Take a look!
By Maninder and Kimberly
I taught Maninder and Kim on a one-to-one basis to tie a knot to hold the stainless steel hook in the middle of the wire,  to follow a pattern, to thread beads in order according to the pattern, to manage the beads in each of thier respective lines all together and to create a support along the back using masking tape. And voila a zipper pull is created!

After I showed some of the Primary students how to thread beads and to tie a knot they created these fantastic necklaces!

Beaded necklace created by Benedict
Beaded necklace by Joshua and Natalie (not shown)

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