Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a terrific experience!

Well, that was a really quick seven week work placement. I really enjoyed teaching you all in the many subject areas from Math, Science, Social Studies to Language Arts, Phys. Ed and Visual Arts. I especially liked the variety of things we did with Medieval Times. Jessica, you brought in a beautiful castle that was above and beyond what was expected. You all have impressed me in your own special ways and I've noticed the times when a lightbulb goes on inside your head and that's when I know you really get it. That's wonderful!

I want to thank you all again for so many lovely cards that were heartfelt and a generous gift card that is appreciated. Since the end of my practicum I have enjoyed the fanfare that you have adorned me with whenever I have returned to teach the Jazz Dance component of Phys. Ed. You all seem like you haven't seen me in a hundred years. I love the opportunity to continue teaching you all something that I enjoy. I look forward to the next few lessons because this is when it all comes together. I hope everyone practices at home because the big day, when we present during the assembly to the rest of the school, is not far off. Keep it up!

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