Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before School and After School Program

I am thrilled with the opportunity to run the Before School and After School Program at Sommerville Manor School. I began last week with some activities in the Club room as well as outside soccer / freeplay and games in the gym. The students range in levels from JK to the grade 8 level. This week my partner is taking the Junior students and I have activities planned for the Primary students. I have planned for these activities to be based on the theme of Horses. I have already done a read aloud and the students cut and pasted a horse and decorated it with yarn. They wrote a sentence of what they learned about horses on their cut out horse. One of the students wrote "Foals can almost walk (as soon as they are born)" and another one wrote "A female horse is a mare". Some of these students are early learners in SK and are still working on their printing skills so they did very well! Next I am planning a word search as well as colouring pages!

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