Saturday, October 22, 2011

Substitute Teaching - Music

When I arrived I read the teaching plans/schedule for the day and every period had been planned with the exception of one period with the grade 2 class. This period was left up to me to do whatever I wished and the regular teacher made a couple of suggestions on her day plans. I took this opportunity to design, develop and deliver a music lesson rather than just play games. I looked up the grade two curriculum in the Arts document and read the expectations. I reviewed what they would have learned last year and began creating a lesson during one of my planning periods. I used a variety of music from three CDs and a poem from my Music resource book and taught staccato and legato successfully to the grade two class. They really enjoyed it. I first began with a reminder of what pitch was (high and low) and then I reminded them of another element of music, duration (ta and ta-ah) then I introduced staccato and legato using different types of music. We proceeded to play 'guess what type of music it is' and they were to raise their hand as soon as they knew what kind of music it sounded like. Then I asked them to read the poem (that I had written on the blackboard) which they did successfully. Then they were to read it with staccato emphasis and then legato emphasis followed by using both staccato and legato in the appropriate places in the poem. We finished the lesson with a movement game where the students were to move like an animal to demonstrate either staccato or legato depending on the type of music I played. They absolutely loved all of the interaction especially the movement. As a result it was a very rewarding experience for me too!

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