Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Teaching Drama

I had a super fantasitc day today! I was the supply teacher for the most absolutely cool Drama Teacher, Mr. James. I followed his well laid out plans and discovered some really interesting games. One exercise in particular that I quite liked was the "Smile if you love me" game. This was an exercise to practice saying lines without exrpression in order to strengthen the student's focus and concentration.

This is how the game goes:

The students stand in a circle with one student in the middle. The student in the middle is to say "Smile if you love me, baby" to one of the students in the circle. The student that he/she says this to is to reply with "I love you, baby, but I just can't smile." Alot of students crack up laughing when they are required to recite these lines which is why it turns out to be a fun game to play. The goal is to say the lines without smiling and if the student smiles when saying the lines he/she becomes the one in the middle and the game continues until the next person is caught smiling/or laughing. If you are caught expressing a smile you switch places with the person and you go in the middle and say the line to one student at a time until you catch someone smiling while reciting the line. All of the students had so much fun! What a great interactive game!!

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