Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grade 2 Health Education

After delivering a lesson on Healthy Eating to a grade 2 class yesterday I am reflecting on how things went. I led a great discussion based on a great website for Health Lessons and more specifically Healty Eating for grade 2. I collaborated with the Grade 2 Teacher, Mr. Volk to create a booklet using the worksheets found on this link and followed the general outline of this lesson to have a great discussion. I encouraged the students to brainstorm ideas of types of food, times for meals/snacks, how they feel when they are feeling hungry and how this feeling changes after they have eaten, then concluded with 'why' we need to eat. I created anchor charts with the students and used the Powerpoint as visuals. Follow up lessons will lead into making healthy eating choices. Things went fairly smooth and the students were quite excited to participate.

Thank you to Mr. Volk for sharing the website with me. I highly recommend the website which I used because it is comprehensive and has great ideas for all levels of students with respect to Health Education!

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