Friday, January 6, 2012

Website Re: Behaviour Exceptionality

  This Great Resource for Behavioural Exceptionality website clearly and concisely outlines the many Behavioural Exceptionalities and offers strategies to assist with teaching these students and to help support student learning. It is developed by a reputable source, the Ontario Teachers Federation and therefore it is designed for teaching professionals. The URL indicates that its domain is probably commercial because it includes ‘.ca’ and is therefore probably not a personal website or a hoax. If you truncate the URL or just click on ‘home’ you will find the opening webpage that explains the Ontario Teachers Federation philosophy with respect to the website and that it is developed with funding from the Ministry of Education. Since I am a qualified Teacher in Ontario I have done my due diligence in this area and I know that the Ontario Teachers Federation is an authority in the field of teaching. From this I know that it is reliable and objective and that it is kept current with in-depth information. Its intrinsic value is such that you will find extensive information and won’t need to look elsewhere for the same information. There isn’t any advertising on the page other than the Ontario Teachers Federation logo therefore there aren’t any distractions from the content and the headings highlighted so they are easy to spot when reading. There are related links and resources that indicate that this is quality information without bias. All of the links are well chosen, well organized and they all work. I chose this website as a resource for teaching professionals of students with behaviour exceptionalities because it proves to be credible. The audience of teaching professionals may include Special Education Resource Teachers, Education Assistants, Behavioural Therapists/Consultants, Teachers, Principals, Educational Psychologists, Early Childhood Educators, and resource staff.

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