Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giftedness - Traits, Characteristics of and Teaching Strategies for Giftedness

There is currently no widely accepted definition of giftedness because it can be termed "talented" or "creative." However, in the past students who had Intelligence Quotient of 130 or higher were usually accepted as gifted. It can be described in terms of academic ability, talent, social and interpersonal skills as well as vocational abilities.
Five Key Traits of Giftedness:
1.      Divergent Thinking ability
2.      Excitability
3.      Sensitivity
4.      Perceptiveness
5.      Entelchy
Characteristics of an individual who is gifted:
-          well developed in a wide range of abilities both academic and otherwise
-          ability to work independently and take on responsibility
-          ability to draw inferences and generalize across domains
-          well advanced vocabulary and reading level
-          energetic and above average health
-          highly sensitive
-          perfectionist
-          overly self-critical
-          enjoys learning
-          reflective
-          motivated
-          goal oriented
Teaching Strategies
  • As a teacher it is important to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate behaviours that constitute developed intelligences.
  • Based on the combination of strengths and development needs for each student you will be able to determine next steps
  • Create differentiated instruction based on individual needs to achieve potential
  • It is important to gather information from outside sources to identify all fo the intelligent behaviours
  • Organize students in their activity groups based on mixed ability
  • Celebrate and display stuidents’ best efforts
  • Give feedback to pupils on their work and effort in class
  • Keep the classroom inclusive
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