Friday, September 14, 2012

My Professional Learning Day at a glance!

As you probably know that when we have a Professional Development (Learning) day the students have the day off as well. So today was my day to entertain as well as to use it as a Professional Learning day since I was home. These are some of the things I was able to accomplish:

I introduced a diorama to a student, my daughter. She created a home for Nemo in a diorama using construction paper, scissors, pencil, markers and glue. She used an extension of a Mermaid sticker fold out sheet to extend Nemo’s home along each of the sides of the box.

I set up a webpage for a student, my daughter in SK, for fundraising for the Terry Fox run on September 27th.

I discovered a new blog “We are Teachers”  with interesting posts and guest bloggers.

I found out about a new ebook  “Why School?: How Education Must Change when Learning and Information is everywhere” by Will Richardson from @colinjagoe for which I’m trying to search on kobo but to no avail.

I reviewed “The Daily Five” by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser and reflected about applying it in my previous classrooms. I also remembered learning most of the content in Teacher’s College.

In the afternoon, I lead a craft with a student, my daughter in SK, to make a Panda Bear Puppet. We used brown paper bags, construction paper, scissors and glue. My daughter had so much fun.

Then we played a game; hide and seek with a giraffe puppet. Whoever has the giraffe puppet was hiding and the other person must find the puppet (or the person with the puppet).

This went on for a while until we took a break then we played another activity – we played doctor. One of the patients was so sick her temperature went up to 5 million percent (corrected to degrees) and she had to get a house call from the regular Doctor, then the Dentist, followed by Dr. Squirrel and then Dr. Whale was able to cure the illness. Horray!

Combining Professional development with my daughter’s activity is very interesting, and demanding, I might add, but all in good fun!

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