Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Supply Teaching is on the Palette for this year!

I am thrilled to be Supply Teaching at another private school this year. I have new resources that I can reference such as Differentiated Literacy Centers by Margo Southall and The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. In addition I am volunteering at my daughter's school so I look forward to all the wonderful work and learning experiences that this may hold. In addition I have "The Occasional Teacher's" course under my belt which I enrolled in and successfully completed during my time at Teacher's College. It was a supplementary course to the regular teaching courses that I was required to take so it seemed like a heavy work load at the time. However, I'm glad that I participated in it because I feel that it has already helped me in my last year of supply teaching. So I plan to be well prepared to manage almost any grade and subject that may come my way this year. Wish me luck!

My daughter's day of orientation to Senior Kindergarten was today and I had the opportunity to meet her teacher. Let me first comment on the classroom and how impressed I was. The classroom was huge! I learned that it was a double room which was to be shared with another class. This was even better because the two classes are planning to share all of the centres which are set up (reading, writing, water table, play doh table, building and drawing centre etc.) This is fantastic. The room was neat and tidy, well organized and the walls had only the important information on them. I think the teacher did a good job of planning her room and decorations/wall information to optimize the classroom space to the fullest and I shared my thoughts with her.

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