Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcoming Spring!

The idea that came along with these colouring pages was that we welcome Spring and do the spring cleaning then the flowers and butterflies come out. The other colouring pages were of a Bunny sweeping and another one of flowers and butterflies.
By Benedict

By Benjamin
By Jefferson, Daniel, Andrei, and Bhavya

I am currently teaching the JK and SK students to stay within the lines while colouring by using the lines as guidelines of where they should put the colour. Jefferson seems to be the student who has progressed the most. He used to put colour arbitrarily over the entire page no matter what the image was on the page. Now that I've taught him to stay within the same area with the same colour he uses the crayon/pencil crayon to colour in blocks of colour staying in the vicinity of a shape of an image on the colouring page. Hurray!!

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