Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day is Approaching!!

The Primary students are getting excited about Earth day, April 22nd, this weekend. I decided to use an Experiential Instruction Strategy to do some model building. We are going to make an Earth using Paper Mache! I first set up the Paper Mache station with smocks, balloons, strips of newspaper, and a good consistency of flour and water.

 Then I blew up a few balloons to help give the students a 'picture' of what the Earth was supposed to look like and I paper mached one of the balloons so that I could use it as an exemplar.

I taught the students how to soak the strips of newspaper in the flour/water consistency and attach it to the balloon. I kept the consistency mixed up using kraft sticks so that the students could focus on wrapping the paper mache around the entire balloon to build the model of the earth.

Here is the result after 'day one.' The students worked pretty well with the materials with the exception of a short attention span and some frustration with getting the entire piece of newsprint wet before applying it to the sphere. Somehow, they managed and are now waiting for them to dry so they can paint them next day.

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