Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Senior Kindergarten Students are Printmaking!!

Printmaking can be done at any age. Take a look at what a couple of students created when they were experimenting with printmaking. I used buzz groups to facilitate this lesson where I taught the same skills of printmaking to groups of two or three students at a time. I believe in a Progressivist teaching method where students learn by doing and this is exactly what my students are doing.

I taught William and Jefferson to use styrofoam plates and a dull pencil to make an imprint of shapes, then to cover the plate with marker, press a piece of paper over top of it, and voila! The result was that they learned to make a hand made print.

Take a look at what the older students came up with.

I showed both Dhillon and Benedict to carve letters backward onto a styrofoam plate so that when they covered it with marker they learned that when they pressed the paper on top of the plate the imprint was visible and legible.

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