Friday, April 13, 2012

Shifting The Monkey!!

It sounds funny but the more I hear about it the more I want to read it. "Shifting the Monkey" is a book written by one of the people I was following, Todd Whitaker, until recently when I decided that he was talking over my head. It was a fellow blogger, Justin Tarte who brought his book to my attention and I am thankful for this. I am now following him again on twitter @toddwhitaker. The author of "Shifting the Monkey" is  Todd Whitaker who has written 30 books and he focuses on leadership, teaching and motivation. I looked into it and this book is available at Here is the beginning of the excerpt of the book on

"Everyone has responsibilities, obligations, and problems to deal with in the workplace and in life. Some people, however, have mastered the art of shifting those monkeys onto the backs of others. They claim they don t know how to solve a problem or do the task, they say they don't have time, they complain, they perform poorly, they find any and every way to avoid the work - and yet somehow, they're never held accountable. Instead, hardworking, loyal employees who care about results end up shouldering those burdens for their lazy or unmotivated colleagues. The slackers get just what they want - less work - while the best employees become alienated and overworked."

It is available at
Feel free to view  Justin Tarte's review of "Shifting the Monkey." I think if you are in management or a leadership role it is a 'must read.' This book is on my list to read.

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