Thursday, April 26, 2012

Experiential Learning stage 3!!

Day 3 - Completion of Planet Earth!! The students used prior knowledge of painting on how to paint the sphere, but where the students really made connections was when they painted the land on the earth - the continents. For example, one student made the connection of where she lives on Earth (Canada) to where she went for holiday (Walt Disney World, USA) and China. I guided her as to where she should paint the green with respect to where her experiences were. Here is the result of the painting.

Credit goes to Hayden, Benedict, Joshua, and Bhavya (JK - grade 3 students)
I used differentiated instruction for Joshua who chose to create a bird instead of the Earth. As seen above there are wings that protrude out from each side of the body. He later painted the wings red like a Cardinal.

Bhavya - gr. 1 student

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